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News 25 December 2017
Red Dot Study Day

Posted 14th July 2014

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital is pleased to announce that it will be running a red dot study day on Saturday 20th September 2014.  This is an excellent opportunity aimed to provide practitioners with the skills and knowledge to identify abnormalities on plain x-rays within the emergency department. For further information and details on how to book a place please click here.

Good Hope to showcase innovative equipment for speedy scanning

Posted 7th December 2012

Good Hope Hospital will be showcasing its new radiology facilities with latest scanning technology on 11 December. The event will be opened by Free Radio presenter, Russ Morris.

The Hospital has invested over £1.5 million in modernised technology and rennovated areas of the radiology department including a new state-of-the-art CT scanner. This scanner will improve patients' experience through faster scanning, reduced exposure to radiation and more efficient diagnosis through clearer images.

Approximately 13,000 patients per year have a CT scan at Good Hope to diagnose and monitor a variety of health conditions including cancer.

Theresa Hull, radiographer at Good Hope said: "We're very pleased with this new investment in technology, which will give patients a quicker, more comfortable experience and look forward to opening the doors to staff; local GPs and the public to come ans see what facilities we have to offer in the radiology department."

Celebrate World Radiography Day

Posted 2nd November 2012

World radiography day is celebrated on 8 November each year. The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Roentgen in 1895. Radiographers worldwide can use the day and the days around the date to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare and as a chance to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. On this page you will find news of world radiography day events by SoR members. All of the materials and advice about celebrating and promoting radiography is here. There is also a link to an international radiography website entirely about world radiography day.

Ever thought of being a radiographer? Click here to download a leaflet which describes radiographers do and (in the UK) what skills and qualifications are required.

Annual Community Health Fair to be held at Millennium Point

Posted 10th August 2012

Please click here for the event programme.

Annual Health and Social Care Awards

Posted 30th July 2012

HEFT staff cleaned up at the Annual Health and Social Care Awards this summer, hosted each year by Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Health to celebrate educational achievements from nominated students, teaching staff and clinical placement areas.

As well as the practice placement team proudly collecting a student nominated practice award on behalf of Ward 11 at Heartlands Hospital, two diploma nursing students, Holly Flannagan and Rose Beirne were awarded certificates of commendation following a patient nomination for excellent care at Solihull Hospital.

An award was also given to Bala Katyal, who received a Student Nominated Practice Award for Allied Health Professionals. Having recently graduated from a BSC (Hons) degree in diagnostic radiography, Heartlands radiographer, Thomas McHugh gained the highest mark on his course and won a student of excellence award.

Rachael Priddle, Practice Placement Manager, said: “We were very honoured to share such stories of excellence for both students and mentors alike and be part of the celebrations for those hard working clinical areas that provide excellent placement experiences for our future nurses and clinicians at HEFT.”

Super new heart laboratory opens at Heartlands Hospital

Posted 24th July 2012

Heartlands Hospital's new cardiac catheterisation laboratory (cath lab) is now officially open for business.

At an investment of over half a million plus building works, the facility strengthens the Hospital's cardiology department as a leading centre in the West Midlands. The new cath lab, which contains state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment, is used to support patients undergoing coronary procedures.

Dr R Gordon Murray, recently retired leading national expert and consultant cardiologist, officially opened the cath lab. Dr Murray said: "Heartlands Hospital already has an established cath lab facility which is second to none and together with the new lab, patients will really benefit from the best possible care and treatment. Between the two labs we expect to see more than 1,600 patients receiving treatment of coronary artery blockages per year and I know we shall continue to deliver a service at the leading edge of cardiology."

Hospital Staff to shine as Olympic Torchbearers

Posted 22nd March 2012

Four members of staff from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital have been chosen to carry the Olympic flame in Coventry this summer.

Consultant ophthalmologist, Ian Cunliffe, radiographer, Theresa Duffy, fundraising manager, Richa Gautam, and graphic designer, Stuart Hudson, have been chosen to be among 8,000 inspirational people nominated nationally to bear the torch on its journey around the UK.

The lucky four were chosen to shine a light for the West Midlands in recognition of their work to set up a sports initiative to promote health and well being among the 10,000 staff at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

The sports programme was created in line with the national NHS 2012 Challenge to encourage NHS staff to improve their health through physical activity. The Department of Health Initiative was inspired by the London 2012 Games and is a response to Dr Boorman’s health and well-being report to encourage NHS staff to use physical activity as a means to get fitter and be better role models for patients.

Mr Ian Cunliffe said: "It is an honour to carry the Olympic torch – for me it’s a real tribute to the effort the whole team has made in developing and working on the NHS Challenge. The NHS Challenge aims to get staff healthier and fitter through a whole range of physical activities and it has proved to be a real hit with staff across our three Hospital sites."

The London 2012 Organising Committee nominations process for torchbearers ran from May to June 2011 and selection panels were held around the UK in the autumn. Tens of thousands of nominations were made to the Committee before the selected torchbearers were finally announced.

'Thank you' gift helps Hospital radiology department

Posted 22nd November 2011

Solihull Hospital’s radiology department has received a generous donation from the family of a former patient to say a big ‘thank-you’ for the care he received.

Walter Deakin (Wally), from Knowle, died aged 80 in January 2010 after a long battle with chronic lymphatic leukaemia. Instead of flowers and in memory of his time spent at the Hospital, his wife Audrey asked for donations. Along with her daughter Sandy Marshall, an administrator in the Hospital’s acute medical unit who previously worked as a radiology assistant, she raised over £1,000 for the radiology department.

Site Lead radiographer Gill Tomlinson said: "We wanted to improve the experience of patients coming to the department and purchased a range of equipment including a drugs cabinet for the acute medical unit and a heat sensitive panel for children to play with while they are in the waiting area."

Audrey Deakin said: "I just wanted to purchase some equipment for them as a thank you. Everyone has been absolutely brilliant."

Celebrate World Radiography Day

Posted 8th November 2011

Today is World Radiography Day and radiographers from all over the globe will be holding events to celebrate and promote the profession. To celebrate World Radiography Day, a poster display is presented in the main reception area at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital using the Society of Radiographers ‘World Radiography Day’ pack with free stickers and fluffy owl bugs.

Many people don't know what a radiographer does. If you have an accident and go to hospital, the chances are that you will see a diagnostic radiographer. They produce images that are used to diagnose injury or disease.

Ever thought of being a radiographer? Click here to download a leaflet which describes radiographers do and (in the UK) what skills and qualifications are required.

Hospital first in the Midlands to offer new treatment for high blood pressure

Posted 26th October 2011

Patients with high blood pressure at Good Hope Hospital are the first in the region to benefit from a ground-breaking new treatment.

The procedure, called renal denervation (RDN), is a minimally invasive technique which aims to reduce blood pressure in patients for whom all blood pressure medication has failed. The procedure has been successfully undertaken on the first three patients at the Hospital, with more expected to follow suit.

Paula Field, 40, from Lichfield was the first patient to undergo the renal denervation procedure at Good Hope. She said: "I have suffered high blood pressure and kidney disease for several years following a very difficult pregnancy. I have taken many different types of medication to help bring my blood pressure down and nothing has helped. I jumped at the chance to have the new procedureand this has brought my blood pressure down to a much safer level."

Dr Richard Watkin, consultant cardiologist said: "This procedure is a breakthrough and offers new hope for medication tolerant high blood pressure patients. High blood pressure is very common, affecting around 39 per cent of people in the West Midlands. Having high blood pressure puts people at a higher risk of serious conditions such as heart attacks and stokes."

The procedure is performed under local anaethesia by guiding a device into the arteries of the kidneys using x-ray guidance. Once in place, the device produces high frequency radio waves. This permanently interrupts abnormal nerve signals from the kidney to the heart, brain and blood vessels, responsible for high blood pressure.

Radiology Introduces Social Networking Sites

Posted 1st August 2011

Radiology has introduced facebook and twitter social networking sites to support and supplement the directorates website project. This is to promote and market radiology services more widely in light of GP commissioning and patient choice.

You can now keep up to date with radiology news on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HEFTRadiology and/or twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HEFTRadiology directly or via the links on the top right hand corner of this website.

Through the website and social networking sites, a wider range of audiences will be able to keep up to date with the latest radiology news and information.

The directorates website project has been recognised not only by the professional body, the Society and College of Radiographers, but NHS Innovation & Improvement body also.

The project is supported by the directorates communication strategy which strives for excellence in communication and customer care.


Radiology Website is recognised by the Department Health: Allied Health Professions Bulletin

Posted 14th July 2011

The bulletin is for all allied health professionals and aims to bring the latest news and policy developments, as well as examples of good practice and successful projects.


National CT Head Reporting Radiographers Specialist Interest Group - group's first meeting is a success

Posted 1st July 2011

Norma Lloyd (CT Advanced Practitioner) attended the inaugural meeting of the National CT Head Reporting Radiographers Special Interest Group took place at Birmingham City University on 4th June.

The group was developed to provide a forum for CT head reporting radiographers to get together and share their experiences, hopefully providing opportunities to assist and support individuals whilst striving to develop and enhance relevant professional practice.

To view this news feature please click here


Radiology Website Featured in radmagazine - Wealth of information to be found on radiology directorate website

Posted 25th May 2011

radmagazine features the Radiology Directorate's Website in May's edition. radmagazine is a monthly magazine for medical imaging and radiotherapy professionals featuring news, scientific articles, situations vacant, book reviews, and lists international events.

To view this news feature please click here


Boost for breast cancer screening at Good Hope Hospital

Posted 5th May 2011

The breast imaging service at Good Hope Hospital has added another string to its bow with the launch of its new mammography suite.

The suite, boasting state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment, is dedicated to imaging women quickly, easily and accurately in the detection of breast cancer and all other breast problems. Patients range from those needing a routine family history screen, to those who are symptomatic and require a rapid investigation and diagnosis.

Clinical Director for radiology, Dr Lowri Morus, said: "The mammography suite is a significant investment and provides a real boost for breast cancer imaging here at Good Hope. Mammograms are an extremely valuable cancer detection aid and are key to helping reduce the number of deaths from the disease. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Breast Friends Sutton Coldfield for all their continued support."

Jackie Benzecry, chairman of Breast Friends, a breast cancer support charity in Sutton Coldfield, said: "The new suite is very comfortable and welcoming for patients and we know local women will really benefit. The Breast Friends Charity will continue to support this invaluable breast screening service at our local hospital."


Radiology Website Featured in Synergy - New website will enable Radiology Directorate to compete in the new NHS

Posted 1st May 2011

The Society of Radiographers features the Radiology Directorate's Website in May's edition of Synergy News. Synergy News (SN) is a monthly news digest of what is happening in radiography and the wider healthcare arena. The editorial team strives to cover all the hot topics, including role development and career progression, pay and conditions, research, CPD and health and safety and equality issues. Synergy News also contains recruitment adverts, giving radiographers the best possible choice of job opportunities.

To view this news feature please click here


Radiology Website Project is Featured on the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Website

Posted 21st April 2011

Over the coming weeks the Innovation and Improvement team will be discussing this project further with the aim of turning the project into a 'case study'. We hope to link this 'case study' with the Quality & Productivity Agenda leading to publication in the AHP Bulletin published by the DoH.

For the Institute to feature this project – highlights that the Directorate is embracing change and being adaptable, flexible and open to new ways of working with our colleagues. This enables the service to meet the demands of delivering healthcare increasing quality and efficiency with limited resources whilst maintaining patient centred care and information.

To view this feature please visit here

Tom Johnson to run the Virgin London Marathon in Memory of Simon Parker

Posted 11th February 2011

Tom Johnson (Senior Radiographer) will be taking on the challenge of running the Virgin London Marathon on 17th April 2011 in memory of Simon Parker who we sadly lost to Lymphoma on 2nd November 2010.

It is Tom's aim to raise over £2500 with the proceeds raised being donated to the Oncology Unit, Ward 19 at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

For more information and to offer sponsorship please visit www.justgiving.com/Tom-Johnson1


Radiology Directorate website is publicised on Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust's 'twitter' account

Posted 25th October 2010

Hospital medics get on their running shoes for charity

Posted on 17 August 2010

Solihull Hospital radiographers swapped x-rays for running shoes this week to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The ladies, re-named the 'X-Racers', took part in the Race for Life event at Bruton Park, and raised an impressive £400 for the charity.

Karen Sanford, lead mammographer at the Hospital, said: "It was pretty hard work to complete the full 5 kilometres in very hot weather, but we kept thinking about the cause and the patients and relatives we know who are affected by these diseases, and that kept us going."

"So many of us know incredibly brave patients and relatives, and what they have to go through. We are honoured to support them in whatever way we can."


Hospital unveils special artwork

Posted 10th August 2010

Art is on the agenda at Solihull Hospital as it unveiled a mural designed and painted by talented students from Light Hall School.

The 9 year 11 students spent one afternoon per week after school for six months working on the mural, which features a panoramic arctic scene painted in acrylic and is now installed in the Hospital’s radiology department.

Gill Tomlinson, superintendent radiographer at the Hospital, said: "A lot effort and work has been put in by the students, which they did after the normal school day, and the resulting mural is wonderful. We are extremely grateful for the donation and it looks great in its new home."

"Visitors can often feel apprehensive about visiting hospital which is why creating a positive and attractive environment, through the use of art-work; can be really beneficial to patients, staff and visitors."

If you are an artist interested in how your work can benefit the Hospital, please contact Janet Pratt at janet.pratt@heartofengland.nhs.uk.

Hospital Scanner is First in the Region

Posted on 28th October 2009

Heartlands Hospital is celebrating the arrival of a new scanner, the first of its kind in the region and only the second to be installed in the NHS. The new CT scanner, known as a Toshiba Aquilion One 320 Slice, has the ability to scan an entire body part in one rotation and in less than a second. This is a fraction of the time compared to previously available CT scanners, resulting in the patient's investigation being completed more quickly, and radiologists able to access the scan results within seconds for a faster diagnosis.

The CT scanner also offers the lowest radiation dose available to patients, along with providing a very high scan quality. For use in examining all the major body parts and imaging whole organs in real time, it is expected to revolutionise the means of treating patients, especially those with chest pain and stroke. Dr Madava Djearaman, Heartlands consultant cardiothoracic radiologist said: "This cutting edge technology will enable us to offer patients the best quality of care by improving diagnostic accuracy, particularly for patients arriving at the Hospital with symptoms of chest pain. As the scanner works more efficiently than previous scanners, we are also already seeing a steady increase in the amount of patients we are able to see and treat per day." Dr Lowri Morus, clinical director of radiology said: "At a cost of just over £2m, the scanner represents a substantial financial investment in radiology services and demonstrates the organisation's commitment to providing a world class service to the patients of the region." The radiology department at Heartlands has also benefited from a new, dedicated CT suite, housing its two CT scanners back to back, as well as improved patient reception and waiting areas.