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Practice & Education - Communication Strategy 25 December 2017

The Radiology Directorate have developed a communication group with 'Communications Champions' from across all disciplines. The Directorate is currently in the process of pulling together a strategy for communication which encompasses excellence in communication and customer care. Over the last few months we have been focussing on communication to staff groups and have spent a great deal of time on improving this area, particularly in response to the staff surveys etc. We have improved attendance and engagement at team meetings, have regular drop in sessions with senior management, improved local induction for new staff, created a Directorate newsletter, and redeveloped our website to name but a few.

We are now moving further forward to focus on customer care and the way we communicate with our service users. We have looked at courses currently offered internally by The Faculty of Education which includes 'Communication - The Power of Behaviour' and 'Customer Care', and are now looking at developing a bespoke course for Radiology staff which may incorporate elements of both courses and may even be accredited with a qualification at the end of this training.

Radiology Website

This website aims to enhance the profile of the Radiology Directorate and increase awareness of the wide range of services we offer. Crucially, the website will also act as an information resource for patients, offering internet access to a wide range of information. The site was therefore designed to look modern, exciting and user-friendly offering a resource which will inspire confidence in patients and interest for referrers. It will also act as a resource for staff, including content behind a log-in which will be accessible wherever a staff member may be – at home, at work or even abroad. The content, structure and design of the site focuses on four key target audiences including Patients, Clinicians, Prospective Employees and Current Employees. The site launched in September 2010 and is continually being updated through the communication strategy group.

Facebook & Twitter

Radiology introduced facebook and twitter social networking sites to support and supplement the directorates website project. This is to promote and market radiology services more widely in light of GP commissioning and patient choice.

You can now keep up to date with radiology news on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HEFTRadiology and/or twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HEFTRadiology directly or via the links on the top right hand corner of this website.

Through the website and social networking sites, a wider range of audiences will be able to keep up to date with the latest radiology news and information.

X-ray Vision - Heart, Hope & Soul

The first edition of our 'untitled' Radiology newsletter launched in October 2010 providing the Directorate with a tool to introduce the communication strategy and it’s champions. A competition to name the newsletter was further launch offering members of the Directorate to submit suggestions. Joint winners Bernie Young and Lorraine Walsh came up with 'X-ray Vision – Heart, Hope & Soul'. The newsletter is published on a quarterly basis and aims to provide radiology staff with general updates including introduction of new employees, social news, date of the next communication meeting, feedback of patient experience testimonies and much more.

Back to the Floor Program

The Trust has rolled out a program of obtaining real time patient experience feedback directly from clinical areas, whereby patients and/or carers are asked a set of ten questions (a minimum of 15 questionnaires per clinical area per month). This is in operation across all sites on base wards, in outpatient areas and launched within the Radiology Directorate in February 2011. It uses an online analysis tool which allows patient experience data to be viewed instantly after being input; and results can be viewed showing trends relating to each question. As a Directorate we have formulated 10 questions to ask our patient’s in order for us to identify areas where we aim to improve patient experience on each of our sites. Results are available here.


For Communication Strategy enquiries please contact Thomas Lowbridge:
E-mail: thomas.lowbridge@heartofengland.nhs.uk

Phone: 0121 424 3279