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Practice & Education - Mandatory H&S; Training 25 December 2017

The Trust is committed to ensuring the best quality of patient care and In order to deliver its strategic and operational objectives, the Trust requires a competent and capable workforce. The implementation of a comprehensive Mandatory Training Programme will contribute to the effective and efficient delivery of these objectives.

Mandatory training is knowledge and skills development activities that the organisation considers compulsory to all or specific groups of staff. The key drivers include national, professional and best practice guidance published by external bodies, other standards and requirements defined by external assessors as well as training that the Trust has a duty to provide in line with relevant legislation.

The Trusts mandatory training policies and procedures specifically aim to:

  1. Deliver a consistent and sustained approach to mandatory training
  2. Deliver the key skills for a confident, capable and competent workforce
  3. Ensure the right people get the right learning at the right time
  4. Streamline service provision where possible
  5. Ensure compliance with the standards set by external agencies ? Healthcare Commission and the NHSLA

Radiology's mandatory training provision includes:

  • Corporate & Local Inductions
  • Bi-annual Refresher Training Day / Day incorporating Safer Patient Handling, Basic Life Support, Infection Control, Fire Safety, Safeguarding Children Level 1. Clinical programme can be seen here. Non-clinical programme can be seen here.
  • Tri-annual training for Safeguarding Adults & Children at Level 2 and Conflict Resolution.
  • Radiation Protection
  • Blood Transfusion Competencies inc. Administering (for interventional nursing staff only) 

Delivery of these training sessions may be provided via a range of methods including lectures, presentations, demonstrations of techniques, e-learning etc. All Mandatory training is recorded on the National Learning Management System.