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Practice & Education - Preceptorship 25 December 2017

Preceptorship for New Radiographic Graduates

The Radiology Directorate provides various Training and Development opportunities to all staff. In November 2009 we were involved in a pilot study for preceptorship looking at a programme developed in Scotland called Flying Start. The Strategic Health Authority (SHA) wanted to pilot this programme to see whether it could be used in England and be as successful as it has been in Scotland. At the end of the pilot study, which lasted 6 months, the SHA decided to purchase the programme due to the success of the pilot and we are using it now as part of the preceptorship programme that we have. Prior to the pilot in November 2009, Radiology at HEFT did not have a formal preceptorship programme for new graduates, but we had an established framework for Postgraduate induction and training, which gave us a good base to work from. We needed to develop a programme that incorporated flying start. We developed some paperwork that was based around the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) for Band 5 radiographers that needed to be completed within a 12 month period.


When a new graduate starts in the trust we give them a Preceptorship folder that they can also use as a CPD folder and we also allocate them a preceptor to help and guide them through the programme recording their meetings as a point of reference for their development. A preceptorship focus group was set up within the trust that consisted of the Training and Development Lead for Radiology, a representative from the AHP Advisory Team within the Faculty of Education and clinical colleagues from Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and more recently from Nursing. As a group we meet up on a very regular basis to talk about what we are doing in relation to preceptorship and flying start to share ideas and experiences to develop our own practices so that we can learn from each other and make the programmes we have a great success.

Due to the high number of new graduates that we have employed into the trust within the last year as a result of our expansion programme we have had a lot of pressure to make the programme good and beneficial to new staff and make sure there was sufficient support within the department for them, i.e. enough preceptors for the number of preceptees that we had. Therefore with a lot of support and help from the AHP Advisory Team from the Faculty of Education we put together a 2 day preceptorship programme to enable us to send a number of staff on to advise them of what preceptorship is and how it is to be used and the benefits of it etc. This will enable them to act as preceptors within the department to support the new graduates. A copy of the Preceptor training course can be found here

We have had some very good feedback from the preceptees that have been through the programme and were a part of the original pilot study they are as follows and have used this feedback to refine and develop the programme further: Andrew Potts (Band 6 Radiographer BHH).

The future developments of preceptorship are that we are still building on our preceptorship focus groups by now incorporating nurses and seeing whether we can run a multi-disciplinary preceptorship programme for Allied Health Professionals (AHP's) and nurses. We are due to speak at a conference in the near future to speak about our success with preceptorship within our trust, of which Radiology has been a huge apart of.