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Careers - Work Experience 25 December 2017

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has a major teaching commitment to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. The Radiology Department, in conjunction with the entry requirements of Universities and Colleges, offers observational Work Experience placements for students interested in taking on the BSc Hons Diagnostic Radiography degree at University.

NHS Careers provide an information sheet which can be found here. In addition The Society of Radiographers have developed a website with useful careers information.

We try an accommodate as many students as possible who are interested in taking on Diagnostic Radiography for further learning as well as those who are unsure as to what Radiography is all about and want to learn more.

With the extensive range of Radiology modalities and specialities available here at the Trust, it is the ideal place to carry out such a placement in order to secure a place at University for further learning or to learn more about the radiography profession.

Contact Details

If you wish to enquire about securing a radiology observational work experience placement at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, please visit the Faculty of Education's website here.

An example schedule for our one day radiology observational placement can be found here.