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Modalities - Plain Film 25 December 2017

The general x-ray service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on all three main sites.

This is often people's first interaction with the Radiology Department and most people are familiar with this service. The procedure is usually quite simple.

If you are having your chest x-rayed then you will usually stand or sit with your chest closely applied to an x-ray plate with your arms positioned around the flat plate. The plate is often cold but it should not be uncomfortable. If you are having a hand x-rayed the procedure is very similar: you place your hand flat on the x-ray plate. So, whatever part of the body is being x-rayed this is placed as close to the x-ray plate as possible. A radiographer will be performing the examination.

The Trust performs approximately 214,000 general x-ray examinations each year.

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital has 6 general X-ray rooms, 2 being digital. At Good Hope there are 5 general X-ray rooms, one of which is digital and Solihull has 4 general x-ray rooms, 1 room being digital. There is also an X-ray room in the Birmingham Chest Clinic providing a service to that clinic and a walk in GP chest X-ray service.

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