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Clinician Info inc. PACS - Electronic Requesting 25 December 2017

The majority of referrals are done electronically through our Electronic Patient Record (iCare Vortal) with the Directorate no longer accepting paper referrals for inpatients and internal outpatients. The system may also be accessed by GPs who wish to refer electronically, meaning the referral reaches imaging quicker and can be acted upon more efficiently. To request access to the iCare Vortal please click here.

iCare Key Features

Instructions on how to request radiology examinations electronically from within the HEFT Organisation

Instructions on how to request a radiology examination electronically using the Organiser

Instructions for changing email notifications and delegates

Instructions on how to request a GP radiology examination electronically

NB. In the event of the iCare Vortal having a system failure or a referrer having an access problem a radiology request form can be printed here.