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Specialties - Paediatric Imaging 25 December 2017

Paediatric radiology specialises in the imaging of the young - from fetuses to adolescents, paediatric radiologists focus on resolving the particular challenges of scanning and diagnosing children. Some of these are environmental - making the child comfortable and calm, to help them keep still whilst the scan is undertaken - and others more technical, such as altering the amount of medical radiation used for various age ranges.

The paediatric radiologists at Heart of England possess long experience in scanning and diagnosing children, and are qualified subspecialists with a high level of expertise. Paediatric radiology must focus on the particular biological differences between adults and children - rapid growth rates, varying organ sizes, and other crucial factors. We're therefore very proud to have a dedicated, knowledgeable expert team within the Trust.

Most of the equipment used in paediatric radiology, meanwhile, is very similar to that used in adult radiology - meaning our paediatric patients are able to enjoy the full benefit of some of our cutting edge technology. In addition, the proper deployment of specially adapted positioning equipment, and use of environmental tools to create a soothing mood, tailor the equipment to the particular needs of younger patients.

For more information, please visit the British Society of Paediatric Radiology